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The hole, divined to be the one created by the mighty arrow of Lord Shiva that summoned Ganaga for quenching Parvathi’s thirst, was perceived as the Devine Power Source by Adi Shankara and hence there is no idol to represent the Presence here. That there are no idols here is also a unique aspect of Kadampuzha. To mark this place and for the common man’s reference, a Thidambu or Arch is kept on top. Only during the “Poo Moodal” rite the Thidumbu is removed and the hole exposed.

Adi Shankara built the temple over this spot in the method prescribed by Thachu Sastra and on the stone right in front of this, the where the divine presence of Lord Shiva was perceived, he consecrated Narasimha Moorthy and the Sudarshana Chakra each facing South and North respectively. On the South side of the temple Naga Kanya was consecrated and Shastav on the North.

Then, around 1949, when Shree M.K Achutha Warier was the trustee, the sanctum sanctorum was rebuilt using laterite stones and the roof was built using jack wood and tiles. However, only the North side was completed and the other three were laid bare. During this time the pilgrimage to the temple was rather bleak and the temple trustees found the upkeep rather tough.

Then in 1974, a Deva Prashnam was conducted and according to the divinations then made, Bharmashree Andaladi Divakaran Namboothiripad was made the Thantri (Chief Priest) and the compensatory poojas and other poojas for prosperity conducted by him brought about a huge change. Pilgrims started to folk Kadampuzha again and year after year this improved. Deva Prashnam was conducted again in 1984 and 1993 and whatever compensatory rituals suggested at those times were also religiously carried out. In the Deva Prashna of 1993, it was divined that the sanctum sanctorum was to be rebuilt using granite stones and the roof should be paved with brass and immediately the work was taken up and what we see is the result of that. The sanctum sanctorum was built using a complex calculation known as “Siddharthakam”.

Donations from devotees are the sustenance of every temple. From daily Annadanam to Temple renovations to charitable activities, many opportunities to aid activates of Kadampuzha Temple are listed.


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