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Timing at the temple for this offering: Everyday, 5 AM to 11 AM 3:30 PM to 5 PM

One of the main offerings at Kadampuzha Temple is Muttarukkal. “Muttu” means ”obstacle” and “Arukkal “ means “to cut”. So Muttarukkal literally means to “cut away any obstacles”. The obstacles may be of many forms, it could be illness, an obstacle to good health, lack of business growth, obstacles due to bad influences etc. There are very many predefined obstacles for which this offering could be done by the devotee.

The Muttarukkal will commence at 5 AM and will continue till all the receipts issued from the Devaswom counter till 11 AM is completed. The only breaks will come while Nivedyam and Poomoodal is being performed and will restart after these poojas. In case there are too many Muttarukkal receipts, the Nada will not close in the afternoon. On normal days in the evening Muttarukkal will start at 3:30 PM.

A coconut, after removing its husk is given to the priest with the devotee’s name and birth star in Malayalam and the priest in turn breaks this coconut in front of the deity. If the coconut breaks evenly, it is believed that the Muttu or obstacle is Cut. In case the coconut breaks unevenly, the devotee is asked to bring another and the process is repeated till the coconut breaks evenly denoting that the obstacle is cut. While the offering is being made on your behalf, stand before the sanctum sanctorum with your mind devoid of all distractions, concentrating on the Devine Presence with utmost supplication and you can be sure that your obstacles will be removed. Remember, you are in the presence of “Twaritha Devi” who beseeched her husband, Lord Shiva, to hasten granting his boon to his favourite devotee, Arjuna. The meaning of the Malayalam word Twaritha is “to hasten”. However, also remember that, like what she did with the egoistic Arjuna and Adi Shankara who thought he had all the knowledge to understand everything, Devi will make sure that your mind is pure and devoid of any malice before she will bestow her blessings.

A list of all the predefined obstacles is given below. You can select the language of your choice to understand the offerings better.

Coconuts for the offering could either be brought by the devotee or could be purchased from the Devaswom counter. The following are the Maryadas or ethics to be followed while performing this offering.

List of predefined Muttu: (You can take a print out of this with your choices clearly marked and can be handed over to the Devaswom counter. Please mention your name and birth star clearly in the space provided)

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